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Visitor Information


Unitarian Universalists welcome people of all ages, races, classes, abilities, sexual orientations, gender presentations, and ethnic and religious backgrounds. Whatever you believe, or don’t believe, you are encouraged and supported in your path to wisdom and spiritual growth.  Ours is a progressive, inclusive community, guided by moral principles based on the worth and dignity of all.

Our Fellowship gathers every Sunday at 10:30 from September until June. Our services are led by our minister, Rev. Dr. Doak Mansfield  half of the time and are lay-led the remainder of the time.  We put our values into action on issues such as immigration, the environment, and all aspects of science and history, while supporting various community initiatives.

Children are included at the beginning and end of our service. For the balance of the morning, our religious education director teaches them about world cultures and religions through a variety of hands-on activities.

Our services are provided on a hybrid basis, and can be attended at the Fellowship, online or thru the phone.

We Welcome

…all faiths and beliefs – Atheism to earth-centered beliefs to mainstream religions
…all families – Single, married, same-gender, grandparent/child, interfaith
…all preferences 
…all genders
…all ethnicities
…all ages
…all traditions

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