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The following is a list of UUFSC's committees and the functions that they service for our Fellowship and community.  Please consider where you may want to get involved and contact the chairperson or a member of that committee for more information. 

Program Committee

     Organizes Sunday service programs for weeks when Rev. Mansfield is not present.

Stewardship Committee

     Responsible for the strategic planning and development of resources to support the mission and vision of UUFSC.

Membership Development Committee

      Seeks to attract new UUFSC members via advertising or other methods.

Building and Grounds Committee

     Monitors and assesses Fellowship building and grounds for maintenance and repairs and makes recommendations about same.

Minister Advisory Committee

     Supports and advised the minister; acts as a liaison between members or friends of UUFSC and the minister should an issue arise where  direct contact would be awkward or uncomfortable.

Religious Education Committee

     Assists the Religious Education Director in planning and implementing the Religious Education program.

Communications Committee

     Responsible for the dissemination of information for and about the Fellowship. Establishes communication policies and procedures and coordinates Fellowship outreach efforts through an array of media including the monthly newsletter The Quest, the website and social media.

Finance Committee

     Provides advice to the Executive Board on projected future financial needs and how to meet them.

Social Action Committee

     Coordinates UUFSC's volunteer efforts in the community and organizes members to take action on issues of public policy.

Fellowship Support/Caring and Sharing Committee

     Coordinates support for individual members as needed. Welcomes visitors at services.

Aesthetics Committee

     Decides on the suitability of proposed building decorations/modifications.

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